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BatGauge 1.4 (Lite)

This program displays the estimated battery run time, and the battery voltagestatus in the right upper corner of the display for a few seconds. Sincethe battery run time is very strongly dependent on the battery type, itcan be adjusted, NiHH Akkus runs on my Psion for approx. 10 hours, Alkalineapprox. 20. The upper and lower-volt-delimitation and the Battery-empty-warninglimit (LowVoltageAlarm) can be adjusted. Battery Gauge does not drain yourbattery, because it runs only once when invoket.The Settings can be changetwhen batteries are changet, first time invoket, or when you call BGini.opo Installation: Best to use with the marvelous Macro5, so every time thePsion is switched on it shortly appears. Batgauge can also be startedfrom the System screen by just tipping on it.

Batgauge 1.4
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